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Meeting Name: Board of Public Utilities Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 4/10/2017 6:30 PM Minutes status: Final  
Meeting location: Art Pick Council 3900 Main Street Riverside, CA 92522
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Minutes Minutes Audio Not available  
Meeting video: eComment: Not available  
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17-1050 11PUB - Employee Recognition - 04-10-2017Board/CommissionEMPLOYEE RECOGNITION AWARD TO THE PROJECT TEAM FOR THE WATER ASSET MANAGEMENT PROJECT - CONTINUED That the Board of Public Utilities recognize Toni Redman, Senior Engineering Aide, Paul Shouse, Senior Business Systems Support Analyst, and Marc Smith, Utilities Analyst for their excellent work on the Water Asset Management Project. (presentation by Girish Balachandran – 10 min) Not available
17-1051 12PUB - Public Comment - 04-10-2017Board/CommissionPublic Comment Period - This is the portion of the meeting specifically set aside to invite your comments regarding Consent Calendar items and any matters within the jurisdiction of the Riverside Public Utilities Board - Individual audience participation is limited to 3 minutes and you will be asked to state your name and city of residence. Please complete and submit a speaker card to the Board Secretary. Not available
17-1052 13PUB - draft minutes of 3-13-2017 - 04-10-2017Board/CommissionApproval of the minutes from the Board of Public Utilities regular meeting held on March 13, 2017. Video Video
17-1053 14PUB - Board Attendance - 04-10-2017Board/CommissionEXCUSE BOARD CHAIR DAVE AUSTIN'S ABSENCE FROM THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE BOARD OF PUBLIC UTILITIES ON FEBRUARY 27, 2017 That the Board of Public Utilities excuse Board Chair Dave Austin's absence from the Board of Public Utilities meeting of February 27, 2017 due to his attendance at the APPA 2017 Legislative Rally in Washington DC on behalf of the Board. Not available
17-1054 15PUB - WO No. 1319813 - 04-10-2017Board/CommissionAWARD BID NO. 1319813-17RPU FOR THE CONDUIT AND CABLE REPLACEMENT CANYON CREST AREA CIRCUIT 1218 AREA 1D PROJECT TO ASPLUNDH CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION OF ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA, IN THE AMOUNT OF $329,738.50 - APPROVE WORK ORDER NO. 1319813 FOR $967,000 That the Board of Public Utilities: 1. Award Bid No. 1319813-17RPU for the Conduit and Cable Replacement Canyon Crest Area Circuit 1218 Area 1D Project, to the lowest responsive bidder Asplundh Construction Corp., Anaheim, California, in the amount of $329,738.50; and 2. Approve Work Order No. 1319813 in the amount of $967,000. Not available
17-1055 16PUB - CO to PO No. 171202 w/ CG Power Systems - 04-10-2017Board/CommissionCHANGE ORDER TO PURCHASE ORDER NO. 171202 WITH CG POWER SYSTEMS OF WASHINGTON, MISSOURI FOR ADDITIONAL STOCK OF DISTRIBUTION TRANSFORMERS FOR $347,535 That the Board of Public Utilities approve the change order and capital expenditure of $347,535 for Purchase Order No. 171202, to purchase 24 pad-mounted, distribution transformers of various sizes to replenish stocking levels for summer 2017. Not available
17-1057 17PUB - WO No. 1107917 - 04-10-2017Board/CommissionCONSTRUCTION OF THE MAGNOLIA AVENUE AND RAMONA DRIVE WATER DISTRIBUTION MAIN REPLACEMENT PROJECT – AWARD OF BID NO. RPU-7464 TO SULLY-MILLER CONTRACTING CO. OF BREA, CALIFORNIA, IN THE AMOUNT OF $1,984,777 – APPROVE WORK ORDER NO. 1107917 FOR $2,704,000 That the Board of Public Utilities: 1. Award a contract for the construction of the Magnolia Avenue and Ramona Drive Water Distribution Main Replacement Project – Bid No. RPU-7464 to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, Sully-Miller Contracting Co. of Brea, California, in the amount of $1,984,777; and 2. Approve the capital expenditure of $2,704,000 for Work Order No. 1107917, which includes all design, construction, paving, contract administration, inspection and construction contingency costs for the Magnolia Avenue and Ramona Drive Water Distribution Main Replacement Project. Not available
17-1058 18PUB - Truijillo Reassignment of Shares - 04-10-2017Board/CommissionSHAREHOLDER PROXY AUTHORITY FOR THE TRUJILLO WATER COMPANY That the Board of Public Utilities approve and recommend that the City Council confirm the voting representatives and alternates outlined in the report and delegate authority to any designated representative or alternate to vote the City’s shares as the City’s proxy at all meetings of the Trujillo Water Company. Not available
17-1060 19PUB - CO Water Fund Share of Computronix Permit Software Upgrade - 04-10-2017Board/CommissionAPPROVE THE EXPENDITURES FOR THE CITY OF RIVERSIDE’S COMPUTRONIX PERMIT SOFTWARE UPGRADE PROJECT, INITIAL ALLOCATION OF $135,915 FROM WATER AND $332,756 FROM ELECTRIC, AND AN INCREASED AMOUNT FOR ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE SERVICES FOR THE WATER DEPARTMENT NOT TO EXCEED $119,050 That the Board of Public Utilities approve the initial expenditures for the City Computronix permit software upgrade project, of which the Water and Electric Department’s initial share allocation was $135,915 and $332,756, respectively; and an increased amount, not to exceed $119,050, for additional software services for the Water Department. Not available
17-1061 110PUB - Software Service Agreement w/ Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation - 04-10-2017Board/CommissionTHREE-YEAR SOFTWARE SERVICE AGREEMENT WITH BABCOCK & WILCOX POWER GENERATION GROUP, INC. FOR TECHNICAL SOFTWARE SUPPORT SERVICES IN THE AMOUNT OF $86,790 That the Board of Public Utilities: 1. Approve the three-year software service agreement (S2016_115r5) with Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group, Inc. in the amount of $86,790 for technical software support; 2. Authorize the City Manager, or his designee, to execute the software service agreement S2016_115r5 with Babcock & Wilcock Power Generation Group, Inc.; and 3. Authorize the City Manager, or his designee to execute any future amendments or extensions to the Service Agreement under the same price and terms and conditions. Not available
17-1062 111PUB - Action Plan Update for the FY2016 Performance Assessment - 04-10-2017Board/CommissionACTION PLAN UPDATE FOR THE FISCAL YEAR 2016 PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT AND FINANCIAL EXPENDITURE AUDIT BY BAKER TILLY AND ORGANIZATIONAL ASSESSMENT BY HOMETOWN CONNECTIONS That the Board of Public Utilities receive and file this report updating the action plans for: 1. Fiscal Year 2016 Performance Assessment and Financial Expenditure Audit by Baker Tilly; and 2. Organizational Assessment by Hometown Connections. Not available
17-1063 112PUB - 4th Amendment to Agreement w/ Best Best & Krieger - MS OFfice Bldg - 04-10-2017Board/CommissionFOURTH AMENDMENT TO TEMPORARY REVOCABLE LICENSE AGREEMENT WITH BEST BEST & KRIEGER LLP – MISSION SQUARE OFFICE BUILDING, 3750 UNIVERSITY AVENUE, SUITE 110 – MONTH TO MONTH TEMPORARY LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR $3,250 PER MONTH That the Board of Public Utilities recommend that the City Council: 1. Approve the Fourth Amendment to Temporary Revocable License Agreement with Best Best & Krieger LLP; and 2. Authorize the City manager, or his designee, to execute the Fourth Amendment to Temporary Revocable License Agreement, including making minor, non-substantive changes, and to sign all documents and instruments necessary to complete the transaction. Not available
17-1064 113PUB - Approval of Resolutions Authorizing Ltrs of Credit Renewal Elec Revenue Bonds - 04-10-2017Board/CommissionAPPROVAL OF RESOLUTIONS AUTHORIZING LETTERS OF CREDIT RENEWAL OF 2008A ELECTRIC REVENUE BONDS OF $70,540,000 AND 2008C ELECTRIC REVENUE BONDS OF $41,975,000, REMARKETING OF 2011A ELECTRIC REVENUE BONDS FOR $41,925,000, AND APPROVAL OF FINANCING COSTS USING PUBLIC FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, AS THE FINANCIAL ADVISOR FOR $22,500, STRADLING YOCCA CARLSON & RAUTH AS BOND AND DISCLOSURE COUNSEL FOR $40,000 FOR THE CITY, MCDERMOTT WILL & EMERY, LLP REPRESENTING BARCLAYS FOR THE LETTER OF CREDIT FACILITIES AND CHAPMAN AND CUTLER, LLP REPRESENTING WELLS FOR THE DIRECT PLACEMENT TRANSACTION FOR A TOTAL OF $37,000 FOR BOTH FIRMS That the Board of Public Utilities recommend that the City Council: 1. Adopt resolution authorizing the replacement of the 2008C letter of credit and the extension of the 2008A letter of credit under substantially similar terms for a period of four years, authorizing the execution of a remarketing agreement with Barclays for the 2008A Electric Revenue Bonds; and 2. Adopt resolution authorizing a remarketing of the 2011A Electric Revenue Bonds (including ame Not available
17-1068 114PUB - Rental Fees for Use of Undevelopable Riverside Canal & Gage Canal Parcels - 04-10-2017Board/CommissionESTABLISH UNIFORM RENTAL FEES FOR USE OF UNDEVELOPABLE RIVERSIDE CANAL AND GAGE CANAL PARCELS AND APPROVE CANAL USE MASTER LICENSE AGREEMENT – NEW REVENUE DEPENDENT UPON FUTURE CANAL PARCEL USE That the Board of Public Utilities recommend that the City Council: 1. Approve the establishment of a set rental rate for the use of undevelopable Canal Parcels at $0.15 per square foot for Open Space and Single Family Residential adjacent zoned properties and $0.60 per square foot for all other adjacent zoned properties, with a minimum $300 per license; 2. Approve an annual 2% escalation of the rate for licensed uses; 3. Authorize the City Manager, or his designee, to execute Canal Use License Agreements for undevelopable Canal Parcels under the terms set forth in this staff report; and 4. Direct staff to return every 5 years to update the rental rates and fees. (presentation by Kevin Milligan – 10 min) Video Video
17-1069 115PUB - 2017 Q1 State & Federal Legislative Update - 04-10-2017Board/Commission2017 Q1 STATE AND FEDERAL LEGISLATIVE UPDATE ON ISSUES POTENTIALLY IMPACTING CITY OF RIVERSIDE PUBLIC UTILITIES OPERATIONS That the Board of Public Utilities receive and file a legislative update covering state and federal legislative matters. (presentation by Robert Ennis – 10 min) Video Video
17-1070 116PUB - Systematic Reportin on Mtgs - 04-10-2017Board/CommissionSYSTEMATIC REPORTING ON MEETINGS/CONFERENCES/SEMINARS BY BOARD MEMBERS AND/OR STAFF Video Video
17-1141 118PUB - Safety Update - 04-10-2017Board/CommissionSafety Update Video Video
17-1072 119PUB - CC Agendas - 04-10-2017Board/CommissionCity Council / Committee Agendas – March 14, 2017, March 21, 2017, and March 28, 2017 Not available
17-1073 120PUB - Water Highlights - 04-10-2017Board/CommissionWater Highlights – February 2017 Not available
17-1074 121PUB - Power Supply Report - 04-10-2017Board/CommissionMonthly Power Supply Report – February 2017 Not available
17-1075 122PUB - Financial Report - 04-10-2017Board/CommissionFinancial Statements – January 2017 Not available
17-1076 123PUB - Open/Closed WOs - 04-10-2017Board/CommissionOpen Work Orders over $200,000 and Closed Work Orders – Summary Report for February 2017 Not available
17-1077 124PUB - SCPPA Misc Billigns - 04-10-2017Board/CommissionSCPPA Miscellaneous Billings – January 2017 Not available
17-1078 125PUB - SCPPA Mthly Agenda/Minutes - 04-10-2017Board/CommissionSCPPA Monthly Agenda I Minutes – February 16, 2017 Not available
17-1079 126PUB - Elec / Water/ Consultant Contract Panel - 04-10-2017Board/CommissionElectric / Water / Consultant Contract Panel Update as of March 2017 Not available
17-1080 127PUB - Upcoming Mtgs - 04-10-2017Board/CommissionUpcoming Meetings Not available
17-1081 128PUB - Acronyms - 04-10-2017Board/CommissionElectric / Water Utility Acronyms Not available