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Meeting Date: Thursday, September 14, 2023  
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The City of Riverside is committed to a workplace that requires acceptable behavior from  
everyone - a workplace that provides dignity, respect, and civility to our employees,  
customers, and the public.  
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All matters listed under the CONSENT CALENDAR are considered routine by the  
Planning Commission and may be enacted by one motion in the form listed below. There  
will be no separate discussion of these items unless, before the Planning Commission  
votes on the motion to adopt, Members of the Planning Commission or staff request  
specific items be removed from the Consent Calendar for separate action.  
consent items will be discussed following the Discussion Calendar.  
Minutes of August 17, 2023  
Individual audience participation is limited to 3 minutes.  
PLANNING CASE PR-2021-001030 (TM, PRD, DR): Proposal by Al Cohen of  
Signature Realty Capital to consider the following entitlements for a Planned  
Residential Development: 1) Tentative Tract Map (TM-38074) to subdivide 24.73  
acres into 53 single-family residential lots and lettered lots for common open space  
and private streets; 2) Planned Residential Development Permit for the establishment  
of detached single-family dwellings, open space, recreational open space, and  
private streets; and 3) Design Review of project plans. The 24.73-acre site consists  
of three contiguous parcels, partially developed with a single-family residence,  
located at the southwest corner of Dauchy Avenue and Ferrari Drive, in the R-1-1/2  
Acre - Single Family Residential and RC - Residential Conservation Zones, in Ward  
4. The Community & Economic Development Department recommends that the  
Planning Commission determine the project will not have a significant effect on the  
environment and adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration and Mitigation Monitoring  
and Reporting Program (MMRP). Contact Planners: Judy Egüez, Senior Planner,  
951-826-3969, jeguez@riversideca.gov and Veronica Hernandez, Senior Planner,  
951-826-3965, vhernandez@riversideca.gov  
PLANNING CASE PR 2023-001525 (AMD, RZ): Proposal by the City of Riverside to  
consider amendments to Title 19 (Zoning) of the Riverside Municipal Code (RMC),  
including but not limited to Articles V (Base Zones and Related Use and  
Development Provisions), VII (Specific Land Use Provisions), VIII (Site Planning  
and General Development Provisions), and X (Definitions) - Align the RMC with  
California Law specifically Assembly Bills 2097 and 2244, and The California  
Employee Housing Act - Clarify ambiguous, conflicting, and/or outdated language in  
the RMC as it pertains to Mixed-Use Zones, tattoo parlors, truck terminals, private  
fueling stations, projections into required yards, accessory structures, recreational  
vehicle parking, wall heights, and wall materials - Rezone 0.24 acres of City-owned  
property at the southwest corner of Arlington and Indiana Avenues from R-1-7000 -  
Single-Family Residential to CR - Commercial Retail to conform with the General  
Plan Land Use Designation of C - Commercial - Other minor, non-substantive  
changes and technical corrections as required to provide clarity, correct errors, or  
remove redundancies. The Planning Division of the Community  
Development Department determined the proposal exempt from the California  
Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) pursuant to Section 15061(b) (3) (Common  
Sense) of the CEQA Guidelines, as it can be seen with certainty that there is no  
possibility the project will have  
Contact Planner: Paige Montojo,  
significant effect on the environment.  
Senior Planner, (951) 826-5773,  
This portion of the Planning Commission Agenda is for all matters where staff and public  
participation is anticipated. Public comments are limited to 3 minutes. Via phone: Press  
*9 to be placed in the queue to speak when the discussion item is called. Via Zoom:  
Select the "raise hand" function to request to speak. An on-screen message will prompt  
you to "unmute" and speak.  
Board Attendance  
Discuss absence of Commissioner Elizalde from August 17, 2023, regular meeting  
Items for future Planning Commission consideration as requested by members of  
the Commission. Only items that fall within the powers and duties of the Planning  
Commission as set forth in the City Charter and/or the Riverside Municipal Code will  
be agendized for future discussion.  
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The next Planning Commission meeting is scheduled for  
Thursday, September 28, 2023  
For live Webcast of the Committee Meeting:  
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