City of Riverside  
City Council  
Patricia Lock Dawson  
Philip Falcone  
Clarissa Cervantes  
Steven Robillard  
Chuck Conder  
Sean H. Mill  
Agenda en Espanol  
Jim Perry  
Steve Hemenway  
Meeting Date: Tuesday, July 2, 2024  
Publication Date: Friday, June 21, 2024  
1:00 PM  
City Hall - Art Pick Council Chamber  
3900 Main Street, Riverside  
The City of Riverside is committed to providing high quality municipal services to  
ensure a safe, inclusive, and livable community.  
Spanish interpreters will be available in person and via phone.  
To participate virtually, two options are available:  
Call (951) 826-8686 and follow the prompts to access your desired language. Press  
*9 to be placed in the queue to speak. Individuals in the queue will be prompted to  
unmute by pressing *6 to speak.  
Select the "raise hand" function to request to speak.  
An on screen message will prompt you to "unmute" and speak.  
Public comments are limited to 3 minutes.  
Please follow along via the telephone or Zoom options above to ensure you call in at  
the appropriate time for your item(s).  
Public comments regarding items on this agenda or any matters within the  
jurisdiction of the City Council may be emailed to  
* * * * *  
Pursuant to the City Council Meeting Rules adopted by Resolution No. 24076, the  
Members of the City Council and the public are reminded that they must preserve order  
and decorum throughout the Meeting. In that regard, Members of the City Council and  
the public are advised that any delay or disruption in the proceedings or a refusal to obey  
the orders of the City Council or the presiding officer constitutes a violation of these  
The City of Riverside is committed to fostering a workplace that provides dignity, respect,  
and civility to our employees, customers, and the public they serve.  
The City of Riverside wishes to make all of its public meetings accessible to the public.  
Upon request, this agenda will be made available in appropriate alternative formats to  
persons with disabilities, as required by 42 U.S.C. §12132 of the Americans with  
Disabilities Act of 1990. Any person with a disability who requires a modification or  
accommodation in order to participate in a meeting should direct such request to the  
City's ADA Coordinator at (951) 826-5427 at least 72 hours before the meeting, if  
Agenda related writings or documents provided to the City Council are available in the  
the entrance of the Art Pick Council Chamber while the meeting is in session.  
The numerical order of items on this agenda is for convenience of  
reference. Items may be taken out of order upon request of the Mayor or Members of  
the City Council.  
1 P.M.  
INVOCATION - Councilmember Conder  
Audience participation is encouraged. Public comments are limited to 3 minutes.  
To comment on Closed Sessions, Consent Calendar and any matters within the  
jurisdiction of the City Council, you are invited to participate in person or call at  
(951) 826-8686 and follow the prompts to access your language of preference.  
Press *9 to be placed in the queue to speak. Individuals in the queue will be  
prompted to unmute by pressing *6 when you are ready to speak.  
Select the "raise hand" function to request to speak. An on-screen message will  
prompt you to "unmute" and speak.  
Brief reports on conferences, seminars, and regional meetings attended by Mayor  
and City Council, Ward updates, and announcements of upcoming events  
City Manager update (All Wards) (5-minute presentation)  
Declaration of conflicts of interest on any agenda items (City Council)  
Mayor Lock Dawson to present a plaque to Councilmember Hemenway for his  
dedicated service as Mayor Pro Tem from January through June 2024 - Appoint  
Councilmember Perry as Mayor Pro Tem for July through December 2024 (All  
Parks, Recreation Department Community Services Department overview and  
employee recognition (All Wards) (5-minute presentation)  
CONSENT CALENDAR - Item # 7-20  
All matters listed under the CONSENT CALENDAR are considered routine by the City  
Council and may be enacted by one motion in the form listed below. There will be no  
separate discussion of these items unless, before the City Council votes on the motion to  
adopt, Members of the City Council or staff request specific items be removed from the  
Consent Calendar for separate action.  
City Clerk  
Minutes of June 18, 2024  
City Council  
Finance Committee recommends Financial Health Indicators to manage overall  
financial health and maintain fiscal responsibility (All Wards)  
Councilmember Perry requests substitution for Councilmember Falcone on Land  
Use Committee for discussion on regulations and efforts regarding food trucks and  
sidewalk vendors (All Wards)  
Community and Economic Development  
Adopt An Ordinance of the City Council of the City of Riverside, California,  
Repealing Chapter 16.26 of the Riverside Municipal Code Regarding Electrification  
of New Buildings - Waive further reading (Intro. on 6-18-24) (All Wards)  
Design-Build Agreement with Air Exchange, Inc., Ontario, for $93,847.23 plus 10  
percent contingency for total amount of $103,231.96 from Grants and Restricted  
Programs and General Fund, Assistance to Firefighters - Grant and City Funds for  
Fire Vehicle Exhaust Extraction System for Fire Station 6 - Five affirmative votes  
required (Ward 1)  
General Services  
Fifth Amendment to Agreement with Universal Building Maintenance, LLC., doing  
business as Allied Universal Janitorial Services, Pasadena, for $880,587.32, plus 15  
percent change order authority of $132,088.10 for unforeseen changes in service  
for total in Fiscal Year 2024-25 in the amount of $1,012,675.42 and revised total  
contract amount of $5,077,203.90 from various departmental budgets for janitorial  
services at various City facilities through June 30, 2025 (All Wards)  
Human Resources  
Request for Proposal 2277 - Agreements with Abacus Service Corporation,  
AppleOne Inc., and G&M Hire Solutions, doing business as AtWork Personnel  
Services for temporary employee staffing services through June 30, 2027, with two  
additional two-year extension options not-to-exceed seven years (All Wards)  
American Rescue Plan Act Subrecipient Agreement with Bibliotheca LLC.,  
Norcross, Georgia, for total not-to-exceed $199,029.87 from Grants and Restricted  
Programs Fund, Library-Neighborhood Services, Federal Operating Grants Account  
for seven remote lockers for books at various libraries and Community Center  
locations (Wards 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7)  
Parks, Recreation, and Community Services  
Award Bid 8034 to Ultimate Pool Remodeling, Inc., Riverside, for $1,537,288, with  
15 percent change order authority for project changes including, but not limited to,  
unforeseen conditions or necessary design changes, for total not-to-exceed  
$1,767,881.20 from Measure  
and Shamel Parks Pool Renovation Project  
Accounts for Shamel, Hunt, Reid, Villegas Parks pool improvement projects - Funds  
transfer (Wards 1, 3, and 5)  
Purchase order with Dooley Enterprise, Inc., Anaheim, for $292,916.76 from  
General Fund, Police Department, Support and Special Operations and Grants &  
Restricted Programs State COPS 23-24 Grant Accounts for various types of duty  
and training Police Department authorized ammunition for Police Department issued  
handguns and patrol rifles (All Wards)  
Public Works  
First Amendment to Agreement with Flo-Services, Inc., Burbank, for $275,000 for  
total contract amount of $425,000 from Fiscal Year 2024-26 Proposed Biennial  
Budget, Sewer Fund, Sewer Collection Systems Maintenance, Professional  
Services Account for on-call repair, maintenance, and service for various sewer lift  
station pumps through June 30, 2025 (All Wards)  
Third Street Grade Separation - Agreement with Sprint Communications Company  
L.P. for $143,928 from TUMF Fund, Third St/BNSF (BNSF) Grade Separation  
Project Account for engineering services required to relocate their fiber optic cable  
and facilities within BNSF Right-of-Way and impacted by project  
Amendment to Agreement with BNSF Railway Company for $50,000 for total amount  
up to $160,000 from TUMF Fund, Third Street/BNSF Grade Separation project  
Account to compensate BNSF for additional engineering and plan check services  
required for project (Wards 1 and 2)  
Purchase of one Decanter Centrifuge unit, Model CS26 - 4EV 2PH with Automatic  
Hydraulic Backdrive and one Decanter Centrifuge Panel Upgrade for existing  
Centrifuge Model CS21 - 4HC from Centrisys-CNP, Kenosha, Wisconsin, for  
$949,100 from Public Works Sewer Fund, Sewer System-Sewer Projects, Rehab of  
the Biosolids Equipment Account for solid waste treatment at Riverside Water  
Quality Control Plant (All Wards)  
Request for Proposal 2289 - Agreement with Hardy & Harper, Inc., Lake Forest, for  
not-to-exceed amount of $1,500,000 each fiscal year up to $4,500,000 for  
three-year term from Riverside Public Utilities Water accounts for on-call asphalt  
and concrete repair services for water system maintenance through June 30, 2027,  
with one additional two-year extension option - A Resolution of the City Council of  
the City of Riverside, California, waiving the formal bidding provisions of Section  
1109 of the Charter of the City of Riverside under the Utilities Project Exception  
therein for the selection of Hardy & Harper, Inc., for the Asphalt and Concrete  
repair services for the Water System Maintenance - Waive further reading - Five  
affirmative votes required (All Wards)  
Audience participation is encouraged. Public comments are limited to 3 minutes.  
A Resolution of the City Council of the City of Riverside, California, Relating to  
CalPERS Retirement Cost-Sharing Under Government Code Section 20516 by  
Unrepresented Police Management Employees in the Police Safety Group to pay 7  
percent of the employer contribution of pensionable income pursuant to Government  
Code Section 20516, effective as soon as administratively possible and as soon as  
administratively possible after December 2024 shall pay an additional portion of  
required employer contribution equal to one half percent of pensionable income  
pursuant to cost-sharing provisions, for total of seven and one half (7.5%) percent -  
A Resolution of the City Council of the City of Riverside, California, Amending  
Resolution No. 21052 and the Master Fringe Benefits and Salary Plan to Reflect the  
CalPERS Cost-Sharing Provisions for Unrepresented Police Management - Waive  
further readings (Human Resources (All Wards) (10-minute presentation)  
Purchase 550 Motorola APX Next Single Band model 4.5 portable radios,  
accessories, software, and warranty from Motorola Solutions, Inc., San Diego, for  
$4,930,632.19 from Measure Z and Police Department Budget for police officers  
and civilian field personnel (Police) (All Wards) (10-minute presentation)  
Design-Build Agreement with Anaergia Services, LLC., doing business as Riverside  
Bioenergy Facility, LLC, for $9,508,000, with 10 percent change order authority for  
total contract amount not-to-exceed $10,458,800 from Sewer Working Capital to  
Digester 5 Rehabilitation expenditure account for rehabilitation of Digester No. 5 -  
Supplemental appropriation - Five affirmative votes required (Public Works) (All  
Wards) (10-minute presentation)  
Resource Adequacy Purchase and Sale Agreement with Vesi 15 LLC., for  
estimated annual cost of $7,600,000 from Electric Fund, PU-Electric Power &  
Energy Purchases, Capacity Charge Account for 80 megawatts of battery energy  
storage capacity from Shirk Energy Storage Facility for fifteen-year term (Public  
Utilities) (All Wards) (10-minute presentation)  
Time listed is approximate.  
The City Council may adjourn to the below listed Closed  
Sessions at their convenience during this City Council meeting.  
Pursuant to Government Code §54956.9(d)(1) to confer with and/or receive advice  
from legal counsel concerning 1) Griffith Company v. City of Riverside, Riverside  
County Superior Court Case No. CVRI2303544; and 2) City of Riverside v. Griffith  
Company, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, et al., Riverside County Superior  
Court Case No. CVRI2303544  
Pursuant to Government Code §54957(a) for consultation with Chief of Police Larry  
Gonzalez, or his respective deputy, and Chief Information Officer George Khalil  
regarding threat to public services or facilities  
Pursuant to Government Code §54956.9(d)(2) to confer with and/or receive advice  
from legal counsel concerning anticipated litigation - one case  
Pursuant to Government Code §54956.9(d)(4) to confer with and/or receive advice  
from legal counsel concerning the City Council deciding whether to initiate litigation  
- two cases  
Pursuant to Government Code §54957.6 to review the City Council's position and  
instruct designated representatives regarding salaries, salary schedules, or  
compensation paid in the form of fringe benefits of all Executive Management  
employees except the City Manager, City Attorney, and City Clerk, all Management  
and Confidential employees as defined by PERS, Fire Management Unit, Riverside  
City Firefighters Association, Riverside Police Officers Association (Police and  
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers #47, and Riverside Police  
Administrators Association  
City Attorney report on Closed Session discussions  
Items for future City Council consideration as requested by Mayor or Members of  
the City Council - City Manager/City Attorney reports  
* * * * * * * * *  
The next regular City Council meeting is scheduled for  
Tuesday, July 16, 2024  
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