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File created: 8/17/2021 In control: Planning Commission
On agenda: 9/9/2021
Title: PLANNING CASE PR-2021-001058 (PHASE 1 GENERAL PLAN UPDATE – GPA, GPA, SPA, RZ, AMD, EIR): Proposal by the City of Riverside to consider the Phase 1 Update of the General Plan 2025, consisting of the 6th Cycle Housing Element Update, an update of the Public Safety Element, and Environmental Justice Policies (collectively, the Update). The Update consists of: 1) an amendment to the General Plan 2025 (GP 2025) to replace the Housing Element, Housing Element Technical Report, and Public Safety Element in their entirety; to incorporate an Environmental Justice Policies appendix; and to make minor text amendments throughout the remainder of the GP 2025 for consistency; 2) an amendment to the Land Use Policy Map of the GP 2025 to change the land use designation of 370 parcels to accommodate future residential and mixed-use development consistent with the 6th Cycle Housing Element Update; 3) amendments to the Canyon Springs Business Park Specific Plan, Downtown Specific Plan, Hunter Business P...
Attachments: 1. Report - PR-2021-001058, 2. Exhibit 1_HCD Preliminary Comments, 3. Exhibit 2_Housing Element, 4. Exhibit 3_Housing Element -Technical Background Reports, 5. Exhibit 4_HE-Ward 1 Opportunity Sites, 6. Exhibit 5_HE-Ward 2 Opportunity Sites, 7. Exhibit 6_HE-Ward 3 Opportunity Sites, 8. Exhibit 7_HE-Ward 4 Opportunity Sites, 9. Exhibit 8_HE-Ward 5 Opportunity Sites, 10. Exhibit 9_HE-Ward 6 Opportunity Sites, 11. Exhibit 10_HE-Ward 7 Opportunity Sites, 12. Exhibit 11_HE-Appendix B - Case Studies, 13. Exhibit 12_Existing Land Use Map, 14. Exhibit 13_Proposed Land Use Map, 15. Exhibit 14_Existing Zoning Map, 16. Exhibit 15_ Proposed Zoning Map, 17. Exhibit 16_Downtown Specific Plan Amendments, 18. Exhibit 17_Magnolia Avenue Specific Plan Amendments, 19. Exhibit 18_University Avenue Specific Plan Amenments, 20. Exhibit 19_Marketplace Specific Plan Amendments, 21. Exhibit 20_Canyon Springs Business Park Specific Plan Amendments, 22. Exhibit 21_Hunter Business Park Specific Plan Amendments, 23. Exhibit 22_La Sierra University Specific Plan Amendments, 24. Exhibit 23_Zoning Amendments Redline, 25. Exhibit 24_Zoning Amendments Clean, 26. Exhibit 25_Innovation District Master Plan, 27. Exhibit 26_Public Safety Element, 28. Exhibit 27_Public Safety - Technical Background Report, 29. Exhibit 28_Environmental Justice Policies, 30. Exhibit 29_Action Plan, 31. Exhibit 30_General Plan Minor Text Amendments, 32. Exhibit 31_Draft_EIR_pt 1, 33. Exhibit 31_Draft_EIR_pt 2, 34. Exhibit 31_Draft_EIR_pt 3, 35. Exhibit 31_Draft_EIR_pt 4, 36. Exhibit 31_Draft_EIR_pt 5, 37. Exhibit 31_Draft_EIR_pt 6, 38. Exhibit 31_Draft_EIR_pt 7, 39. Exhibit 32_Draft_EIR - Public Comments, 40. Exhibit 33_Interactive Opportunity Sites Map, 41. Exhibit 34_Public Comments Combined, 42. Presentation